Need a business account? Is your company new, complex, or unusual? Then you're in the right place.

We’re specialists at understanding your unique business. Our technical and operational teams will find solutions to any challenge you face.

Get a multi-currency business IBAN account

Applying for an IBAN account with a traditional bank can be a pain. The application process is clunky and time-consuming. Plus, it too often ends in rejection (especially if your business is new, or a little different to normal).

At FINCI, we take the time to assess every application on its merits. The process is quick, secure and completely online (so there’s no need to travel to a physical branch). But if you need help, we’re here for you. And rest assured, we're a licensed Electronic Money Institution, regulated by the Central Bank of Lithuania.

Make global payments in minutes, not days

Data travels at the speed of light, so why don't your payments? By using blockchain technology for cross-border payments, you can now make secure, instant payments from EURO to MXN, INR and GBP (with more markets opening every month).

A better way to send money across borders

Sending €100 from Europe to the United Kingdom (GBP) is faster and cheaper with FINCI, compared to other providers.

Get fast, helpful and human support

Fast because you're busy. Helpful, because you just need an answer. And human, because sometimes a chat bot just won't do. So instead of only letting you talk to technology, you can call our specialist support team.

Open a new business account in hours, not days.

Get support even if your business is new or unconventional.

Follow an easy onboarding process (with human help if you need it).

How to open a business account in hours?

Please note: you have to first add funds to your personal account before submitting an application for a business account.
** A small first-time document verification fee is applicable, this varies depending on the type of business account you’re opening 
(e.g. small, medium, enterprise, enterprise+).

Discover how FINCI makes payments better

Open for business with your business!

When it comes to opening a new business account, traditional banks can be a little bit too… traditional.

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June 2022

When it comes to opening a new business account ...

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SmallMediumLargeEnterprise +

Subscription plan monthly fee 1

Conditions for legal persons


50 000 EUR monthly incoming turnover

20 EUR

250 000 EUR monthly incoming turnover

45 EUR

500 000 EUR monthly incoming turnover

Individual custom limit

120 EUR


The first verification of Client’s documents 2

Account Opening

10 EUR


25 EUR

15 EUR

100 EUR

50 EUR

1000 EUR

120 EUR

Send money anywhere

Get access to SEPA and SEPA Instant for faster European payments.

Our SWIFT membership connects you to 11,000+ financial institutions.

Use TARGET 2 for non-SEPA area Euro transactions.

Open multiple accounts 

Open as many FINCI business accounts as you need in different currencies.

Send and receive high-value payments in USD, GBP, PLN and EUR. 
(more currencies are coming soon)

Pay distant suppliers, employees and partners as if they were in the building next door.

A card for action takers

Receive Mastercard-powered physical and digital cards .

Secured with advanced fraud prevention technology, 3D SecureCode 2.2.

Easily and instantly freeze your debit cards in case of loss or theft.

The FINCI business account at a glance

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Download the FINCI Mobile App

Our app works on any device and is available for both Android and iOS users.


Scan Qr Code and download Finci app to get  Google Pay

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Begin the onboarding process

Tap on “Create and account” and follow the next steps to open a personal account. It takes around 5 min.


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Login to your online bank

Once your personal account has been activated visit our web page and login to your internet bank. Press button “New document” and choose new corporate account. That’s simple.


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Use your Finci Digital Mastercad with Google Pay
Add Finci Digital Mastercad to Wallet

Get fast, helpful and human support

SmallMediumLargeEnterprise +

Subscription Plans

All subscription plans and fees >>

Need a business account?

Is your company new, complex, or unusual? Then you're in the right place! We’re specialists at understanding your unique business. Our technical and operational teams will find solutions to any challenge you face.

Subscription plans and fees >>

Sending €100 From Europe to UK (GBP)


Transfer fee



Total cost


€ 1.50

€ 0.75


€ 2.25

Make cross-border payments between Europe and India in minutes!

Working together towards a more integrated cross-border payments ecosystem simply makes sense ...

Europe and India cross payments, Financial services
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February 2022

Working together ...

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1. Account maintenance fee for Subscription plan. If the Client changes the subscription plan till the 15th date of the specific month, then FINCI applies a full commission fee, but if after the 15th date, then half of the commission fee is applied.
2. The Fee is paid upon submission of the application for the Client account opening. If FINCI refuses to open Client account, the paid Fee is not returned to the Client.


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