Your finances. In your pocket.

You're busy with life. That's why our easy-to-use app gets out of your way, so you can quickly manage your money and get on with your day.

Need help? 
Get it in-app.

Need help with a transaction? Got an important question? Prefer to speak with a human rather than a chat bot? Then our friendly support team is here to help you in four languages – right in the app, right in your pocket.

Send money and pay bills. Track income and savings. And download XML, PDF Statements.

Easily open a new account within the app – it takes just 5 minutes.

Manage your cards in the app. Quickly freeze, unfreeze, or cancel your debit cards.

Open an account before your coffee gets cold.

In the past, opening an account used to be difficult. You had to visit a bank and fill out endless paperwork. Now you can do it completely online in just 5 minutes (we’re one of the fastest in Europe for this).

Open a business account? ▸Open an account ▸

Note: In order to open an account, you’ll need to have an existing EU residency, passport, or business presence in the EU.

Your account. And only yours.

With two-factor authentication and sophisticated data encryption, we make sure it's only you accessing your account, and only you spending your money.

Spend money. Send money

Buy goods or pay bills. Pay a friend back for dinner. Or send money to family, wherever they are in the world. It all happens without a second thought.

Start spending immediately online or in-store with a FINCI digital card.

Easily make payments to over 200 countries and territories worldwide.

Get a free Mastercard powered digital debit card.

Securely access your account with face and fingerprint biometric identification.

Stay safe online with advanced fraud prevention technology, 3D SecureCode 2.2.

Easily freeze, unfreeze, or cancel your debit card, if it's lost or stolen.


Support available from 09:00–18:00 (GMT+3) Monday to Friday.

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Connect to Google. 
And Pay.

Google Pay is a faster, easier and safer way to pay. You can add your FINCI digital card to Google Pay straight away (you get this card as soon as you open your account). So there’s no need to wait for your physical card. Simply go to card settings in the app and tap “add to Google Pay”.

Apple Pay - Finci
Apple Pay - Finci
Tell me about Google Pay ▸

Apple Pay.

For you iOS fans, don’t worry, Apple Pay integration is coming in August 2022. It will be effortless to connect your FINCI cards to Apple Pay and buy goods online and in-store. 

Tell me about Apple Pay ▸

Got a FINCI debit card already? 
Link it now in 2 steps.

If you've received a physical FINCI debit card during an event, or as a gift, link it to your account following these steps.


Add your card details

Enter your 16-digit card number

Then the expiry date 

And the CVC code


Open your FINCI app.

Select the “Got a card already” box on the home screen. Or click “...” and select the same option.


That’s it! You’re done.

Your physical card is now linked to your account. Easy, right?

Prefer using a website to an app? We’ve got your back.

Your FINCI account comes with a fully-featured web application. So you can access your account via a web browser on your device of choice.

Open your account today ▸

Your finances. In your pocket.

You're busy with life. That's why our easy-to-use app gets out of your way, so you can quickly manage your money and get on with your day.

Scan Qr Code and download Finci app to get  Google Pay
Scan the QR code to download the app

How to open account?

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