Some things in life are hard.
Paying with Apple Pay is not one of them.

Apple Pay - Finci
Apple Pay - Finci
Now you can easy pay with Finci Digital  Mastercard using Apple Pay
Scan Qr Code and download Finci app to get  Apple Pay

Want to take a shortcut? Scan this QR code to go straight to the app.

Apple Pay - Finci Digital Business Card


Get the card

Apple Pay - Finci Digital Premium Card


Get the card

Apple Pay - Finci Digital Basic Card


Get the card

Apple Pay - FINCI card allows you to use contactless payments

Pay without thinking.

You can easily make contactless payments with Apple Pay on your phone, thanks to NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. You can also use Apple Pay for in-app purchases and on websites. And it’s already on your device, so you don’t need to download the app.


Free to use. Easy to setup.

Apple Pay is completely free to use. Apple doesn't charge you for the service, or take a cut of the transactions. So you can buy online, in-app and in-store without extra fees. And it’s easy to setup, simply add your card to your Apple wallet.

Make fast real-time transactions with Finci Apple Pay


Built into you.

Unlike with contactless card payments, where anyone who finds your card can make purchases. Only you can use Apple Pay. Every transaction can be biometrically verified using your device’s Touch or Face ID. Which makes buying goods so secure and so beautifully effortless.

Apple Pay - FINCI is secured with ID


Your data. Protected.

Apple doesn’t store or access your debit card numbers. When you buy in-store, Apple doesn’t send your card number to merchants (a unique code is used). [a]And when you buy online, the merchant is only given the info they need, such as your shipping address. So your data is always protected.

Apple Pay - FINCI secured digital card

Make it yours.

Buy online or in real life with Apple Pay, wherever you see these symbols

Contactless Payments with Apple Pay
Contactless Payments with Apple Pay

It’s time to add your FINCI card to Apple Pay

Apple Pay Finci Wallet

Add your card in your digital wallet or in the FINCI app.

Pay with Finci Digital  Mastercard using Apple Pay
Apple Pay - Finci Digital Premium Card
Apple Pay - Finci Digital Basic Card

Make life easier with Apple Pay.

Pay with Finci Digital  Mastercard using Apple Pay
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Apple Pay makes your life easier

Pay with Finci Digital  Mastercard using Apple Pay
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Which devices does Apple Pay work with?

Why do my physical and digital cards look different?

When using Apple Pay, you might notice the card design is different from when you see it in the FINCI app. Don’t worry, it’s exactly the same card with the same rates, just a different design for Apple Pay. Put simply: different design, same card.




FINCI AppApple Wallet
Apple WalletFINCI App
Apple WalletFINCI App

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Can I see transactions on my phone?


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